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PowerMyLearning Connect

PowerMyLearning Connect Case Study: Using gamification to engage students with online learning

PowerMyLearning Connect is a free K-12 digital learning platform designed to personalize instruction and drive student ownership of learning via playlists of educational content customized to meet students’ needs. Owned and operated by the nonprofit CFY, PowerMyLearning Connect has become a go-to destination for curated online games, videos and interactives, aligned to the Common Core State Standards and spanning a wide range of subjects, including math, English language arts, science, social studies, technology and more.

Feedback from students using the PowerMyLearning Connect platform indicated an interest in interactive features that would make the experience more fun, and with this award, CFY was able to implement a new generation of gamification elements designed by Bunchball.

Today, students log-in, build a profile and perform challenges to earn "Power" as they engage with online learning activities on the site. They can level-up, compete with friends and classmates and track where they stand on class leaderboards.