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Success Story


How Redding inspired active contributors and grew traffic to a news site

Goal: Grow readership and engagement for, the online news site for a local northern California newspaper and part of the E.W. Scripps Company.

Challenge: is the online news site for the Redding Record Searchlight, owned the E.W. Scripps company. They needed to increase viewership and subscribers while reducing the volume of low-value, detracting commentary that requires staff time to moderate.

Solution: Add gamification to so contributors can build an online reputation with meaningful rewards.

Step 1: When readers rate a comment as insightful, the contributor earns points toward reputation levels and rewards.

Step 2: Display “insightfulness level” badges next to a contributor’s name to inspire better contributions and help readers identify quality comments.

Step 3: Encourage ongoing participation and engagement by recognizing status and accomplishments on public feeds and leaderboards.

Results: More active and meaningful engagement with a 10% increase in comment volume and less moderation required. Overall circulation increased to half a million unique visitors and 5 million page views per month with an increase by 25% of time spent on the site.