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Right Guard

How Right Guard Scored A Social Slam Dunk With Young Basketball Fans

Letting kids dress up avatars and virtual locker rooms with NBA gear

Goal: Develop a winning offensive strategy to sell young adults on Total Defense 5 antiperspirant, and get in the game with the NBA playoffs.

Solution: Create hype for the Right Guard product without breaking a sweat, by gamifying a Total DMVP microsite. With Bunchball’s help, they built the microsite within Facebook.

Step #1: Encourage players to challenge Facebook friends with online sports trivia and mini casual games, awarding winners with redeemable points.

Step #2: Send players on missions for free throw points by teaming up with,, and Right Guard’s Facebook page.

Step #3: Empower players to brag about their wins to their social media circle with Bunchball’s SocialLink.

Benefits: Drove enthusiastic awareness among young adults for Right Guard’s Total Defense 5 antiperspirant, and leveraged their sponsorship of the NBA Playoffs and—while tapping into their digital media assets.