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Success Story

Sun Life Financial

Inspiring Financial Literacy in the Workplace

Sun Life Financial provides protection and wealth accumulation products and services to individuals and corporate customers all over the world. Although this broad customer base is quite diverse, there is a somewhat sobering theme that's common throughout:

People aren't saving enough for their retirement – no matter where in the world they work.

Realizing that distractions will only continue to mount and that financial literacy needs to improve, Sun Life Financial decided to take steps to help their customers improve the financial literacy of their employees and increase participation in workplace retirement plans.

But before getting started with gamification, the Sun Life Financial management team clearly identified goals, objectives and measures for success:

  • Goal: Sustainable engagement from our plan members, leading to financial growth, loyalty and ultimately, a superior plan member experience.
  • Objective: Build a platform that rewards plan members for improving their financial literacy and understanding of workplace retirement plans.
  • Measures for success: Increased knowledge and understanding, increased contributions and savings, increased comfort with the website features and increased web usage.