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Success Story


T-Mobile’s Employee Community Collaborates to Transform Customer Service

The rapid evolution of mobile devices makes the jobs of customer service representatives at T-Mobile extremely challenging. Reps must be deeply engaged with the company and the product line just to keep up. In an effort to drive exceptional customer service, T-Mobile completely redesigned its "T-Community" social business environment — a peer-to-peer collaboration tool that helps customer service and in-store reps quickly and efficiently respond to customer queries.


  • Ensuring knowledge sharing and collaboration within the customer service community
  • Keeping service reps apprised of rapidly changing products and complex mobile technology
  • Providing exceptional service in an industry where quality and speed has a severe impact on customer loyalty


In 2013, T-Mobile incorporated gamification from Bunchball within their employee collaboration platform as part of the initiative to continuously improve service levels.


  • Widespread employee collaboration resulting in
    • 96% increase in participation
    • 583% increase in contributions
    • 783% increase in responses
  • 31% improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • 40% improvement in call deflection resulting in reduced support costs
  • Month-over-month improvement of call resolution rates and customer satisfaction scores