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Success Story

NBC's The Office

How NBC Climbed to the Top with a Virtual Office

Are you getting a raise—in viewership? (That’s what she said.)

Goal: Widen fan base for The Office, and deeply immerse current viewers in different aspects of working a 9-5.

Solution: Bunchball partnered with NBC to create a virtual Dunder Mifflin office, an interactive environment where fans compete in an online mock office.

Step #1: Encourage fans to ‘apply’ for a job at the virtual Dunder Mifflin, and create personalized employee profiles.

Step #2: Award points to ‘employees’ who participate in corporate challenges and user-generated games, and track scores with public leaderboards.

Step #3: Offer The Office-branded virtual goods to decorate virtual office spaces in exchange for points.

Benefits: Increased viral awareness and user-generated content, and created a fun and highly engaging online destination.