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Top Chef

How Bravo Gained Top Chef All-Star Status with Social Media

If you can’t take the viewer’s heat online, stay out of the kitchen!

Goal: Create an engaging online destination for Top Chef fans, while rewarding the most loyal viewers who tune in season after season.

Solution: Bunchball and Bravo teamed up to create the Virtual Top Chef game, which featured 18 ‘cheftestants’ from the first season of Top Chef All-Stars:

Step #1: Encourage fans to select their favorite chef and recruit other fans to their support team, by rewarding points and virtual trophies.

Step #2: Reward points to users who view Top Chef online info and share it with their social circle. Also showcase top performers on the site homepage.

Step #3: Appoint ‘Virtual Top Chef’ status to the chef with the most points, and award $5,000 to a member of the winning support team.

Benefits: Increased brand awareness and viewership of Top Chef broadcasts, while gaining access to social friend networks.