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Success Story


How VMware Empowered its Partner Ecosystem to Become Sales Superstars

VMware has an expansive partner ecosystem, including more than 75,000 partners and 200,000+ individuals working in hybrid cloud, software-defined data center and end user computing.

VMware used gamification to achieve five main objectives within Salesforce:

  1. Increase number of accredited individuals: Gamification motivated account executives across VMware’s partner ecosystem to stay current with continuing education so they could better sell and position VMware solutions to the company’s customers.
  2. Simplify user experience: VMware’s gamification solution made it easier for account executives to access online training. Plus, since the gamification platform could be embedded directly into legacy systems, it was seamlessly incorporated into existing enablement and continuing education applications.
  3. Show progress: Gamification helped VMware account executives keep track of their individual advancement across the entire learning path.
  4. Reward completions: With gamification, VMware was able to publicly recognize accredited individuals and have those accreditations count for something in the future.
  5. Drive competition: Gamification provided a way for VMware to tap into its employees’ and partners’ intrinsic motivators and leverage the inherent competitive nature of people who work in sales.