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Success Story


How Warner Brothers Got Inside Rewards With the In Crowd

This reward program's got perks.

Goal: Increase traffic to Warner Brothers’ online destination, and boost content consumption of film, television, and music properties.

Solution: Create an interactive, Bunchball-powered Insider Rewards Program—to drive loyalty among existing and new fans of Warner Brothers’ content.

Step #1: Award points and merchandise credits to users who sign-up for the free rewards program on Warner Brothers’ site.

Step #2: Encourage users to win additional rewards when they play online games, post reviews, view trailers, and purchase Warner Brothers movie tickets.

Step #3: Increase brand awareness by exchanging credits for virtual goods, like ringtones and wallpaper prizes—and points for Blu-ray DVDs, digital downloads, and Warner Brothers merchandise.

Benefits: Gained a 360° view of customers while dramatically increased user generated content, sales of WB products, and traffic to movie sites.