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Success Story


How Wendy's Got Social High-Fives & Sold More Fries

Driving awareness and sales to the top of the food chain

Goal: Put Wendy’s new product—Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries—on the fast food track to fry-high sales and viral awareness.

Solution: Wendy’s knew it could drive sales and create a viral team of external brand ambassadors, if it could align company objectives with those of Facebook users… So the team partnered with Bunchball to launch a Facebook Fry-For-All:

Step #1: Encourage users to post boxes of virtual fries to their Facebook wall, and urge friends to “pick a fry” from their box on their Newsfeed.

Step #2: Reward users and friends every time they pick a fry by entering each name into the sweepstake. Prizes included iPads and Nintendo Wiis.

Step #3: Award coupons for emptied fry boxes. Then, offer larger boxes to unlock.

Benefits: Dramatically increased online engagement and store sales, and gained access to private friend networks by making social sharing fun.