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Bunchball Congratulates The Coca-Cola Company on Winning "Best Use of Gamification 2014"

Bunchball Congratulates The Coca-Cola Company on Winning "Best Use of Gamification 2014"

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Hubbies 2014 Brand Awards Winners

Best Use of Gamification 2014

Winner: The Coca-Cola Company and Bunchball
Campaign Name: My Coke Rewards

Soft-drinks giant Coca-Cola has 20 million lifetime members in its My Coke Rewards loyalty program. However, it realized loyalty models have changed, and more traditional programs are becoming less relevant.

To serve its business goals, grow the program, and increase engagement – especially with Millennials and teens – the company wanted to engage users in new ways and reach consumers who love the brand, but also want to connect and show their loyalty in other ways.

To do this, Coke engaged R/GA to guide their strategy and turned to gamification, powered by Bunchball.

Coke used gamification as a powerful tool to change its loyalty program from a transactional activity to one that was inherently personal, social, and engaging, and would help the brand connect with new, younger consumers at scale.

Leveraging its‘Open Happiness' mantra, Coke wanted to ensure its loyalty program conveyed happiness to site visitors, helped drive repeat visits, and encouraged users to share content with their networks and grow the community.

The brand expanded its definition of rewards to include extrinsic elements such as exclusive and advance access, and intrinsic rewards such as badges and experiences.

The new platform allows My Coke Rewards to reward social and interactional loyalty, but not just on a transactional basis - and early figures for membership and social engagement have exceeded expectations.

“Coca-Cola continues to experiment with success,”said one judge.“Leveraging new and emerging social engagement and networking tools to build a deeper relationship with customers was really impressive.”