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Bunchball & Jive Partner, Deliver Enterprise Gamification

Bunchball & Jive Partner, Deliver Enterprise Gamification

Partnership Marks the First Integrated Gamification Solution for a Collaboration Suite

SAN JOSE, CA and PALO ALTO, CA, Mar 28, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Core News Facts:

        --  Bunchball, the pioneer and market leader in gamification, in
            conjunction with Jive Software, today introduced the Jive Gamification
            Module, an advanced gamification solution for organizations using
            Jive's social business platform. The Jive Gamification Module is
            powered by Bunchball.
        --  The Jive Gamification Module will be sold by Jive, and is available to
            both new and existing Jive customers.
        --  At JiveWorld '11, Bunchball and Jive partnered to add onboarding game
            mechanics to the Jive collaboration platform. Since then, the two
            companies have been working together to enhance the offering and
            create the Jive Gamification Module. This new offering is the first
            and only integrated gamification solution for a collaboration suite
            and it is now available for Jive users and customers.
        --  With the Jive Gamification Module, businesses can use game mechanics
            to increase engagement and productivity through incentives tailored
            for both individuals and specific groups of users. The module is
            available for both internal social networks and external communities
            on the Jive platform.
        --  Unlike the typical one-size-fits-all approach to gamification
            solutions, the Jive Gamification Module incorporates personalization
            so that each user's experience is tailored to their needs and personal
        --  Some key benefits unique to the Jive Gamification Module:
            --  Most powerful gamification engine: Built with Bunchball's Nitro
                Gamification Engine, the module tracks more than 100 specific
                activities that can be used to structure missions and determine
                user rewards.
            --  Pervasive integration: Gamification elements are seamlessly
                integrated with the entire Jive experience in user streams,
                profiles and groups.
            --  Targeted personalization: Game mechanics can be personalized to
                motivate and reward people based on precise user segmentation
                including geography, roles or departments.
            --  Efficient on-boarding: Bunchball's Nitro gamification engine
                allows Jive users and customers to get up and running quickly,
                encouraging them to explore and master the wealth of functionality
                available on the platform.
        --  Bunchball has developed a deep integration with the Jive platform. The
            Jive Gamification Module is the natural next step for gamification,
            adding a new layer to social collaboration and enabling companies to
            address the need for personalized solutions in the enterprise.
        --  According to Gartner Research, the adoption of gamification will
            increase significantly in the next few years, with 70 percent of
            Global 2000 organizations gamifying at least one application by 2014.


Attributable to Jim Scullion, CEO, Bunchball: "As enterprises become more social, engagement becomes a critical component in maximizing software adoption, ongoing usage and ROI. We're thrilled to partner with Jive to provide features that result in sustained, pervasive engagement, and we look forward to creating personalized, compelling gamification solutions for Jive customers."

Attributable to Ken Jones, SVP, Business Development, Bunchball: "At Bunchball we believe in creating rich, meaningful relationships with best-of-breed solution providers. We've done just that with Jive. The integration of Nitro technology into Jive goes beyond simply passing data back and forth. We've jointly created something new and integrated gamification into every aspect of Jive's collaboration suite."

Attributable to Nathan Rawlins, VP of Product Marketing, Jive:

"We're thrilled to partner with Bunchball," said Nathan Rawlins, VP of Product Marketing at Jive. "For years Jive has used game mechanics to drive user engagement. With Bunchball, we're taking gamification to the next level, giving Jive customers the ability to personalize incentives that encourage specific business activities for greater user engagement and business value."

ABOUT BUNCHBALL Bunchball is the industry leader in gamification, an innovative way of engaging users, motivating employees and increasing customer loyalty. Gamification works by integrating game mechanics into digital experiences in order to influence and motivate people. This helps drive a deeper, more compelling user experience, which leads to tangible business benefits, such as increased employee productivity, customer loyalty and revenues. Bunchball's cloud-based Nitro gamification platform is being used by some of the world's leading companies to create experiences that combine intuitive game mechanics with compelling content. Bunchball's customers include Adobe, HP, Cisco, Warner Bros., Comcast, LiveOps, VMWare and Hasbro. Based in Silicon Valley, Bunchball's investors include Granite Ventures, Triangle Peak Partners, Northport Investments, and Correlation Ventures. For more information, visit Bunchball online at .

ABOUT JIVE SOFTWARE Jive Software is a leading global Social Business company. We bring social technology innovations from the consumer world into enterprises securely and at scale, changing the way work gets done. Our platform combines the power of big data, enterprise integrations and social collaboration technologies. Millions of people at the world's largest companies are using Jive-powered communities internally and externally to transform their businesses.

SOURCES 1. Gartner Research finding from 2011:

        For Bunchball:
        Melissa Roxas
        Inner Circle Labs
        (415) 684-9401

        For Jive:
        Niko Felix
        (650) 319-1976