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Bunchball is Pleased to Announce Bunchball Go: Mobile Engagement & Performance Hub

Bunchball is Pleased to Announce Bunchball Go: Mobile Engagement & Performance Hub

Bunchball Launches Bunchall Go – A Mobile Engagement and Performance Hub

A Revolutionary and Rapid Way to Access the Bunchball Platform on the Go

San Mateo, CA: Today, Bunchball Inc, a company that specializes in Engagement and Performance solutions powered by gamification, announced the launch of their Bunchball Go solution. As enterprises increasingly embrace mobile business strategies, the need for engagement on mobile devices is growing exponentially. The Bunchball Go solution will allow organizations to transform how they engage with their employees, partners, and customers while changing how and where work gets done, accelerating business productivity and enriching the overall employee and customer experience. Check out more at


According to John Castles, Bunchball’s VP of Product and Technical Services, "We are very excited to announce the launch of Bunchball Go. Bunchball Go sets the standard for a mobile interactive enterprise performance and engagement user experience, with built-in visual elements that incorporate Bunchball's expertise and proven psychology to drive user behavior. Built as a modern, scalable mobile solution that extends the Bunchball platform even further, Bunchball Go improves performance by getting in front of your employees no matter where they are, and provides for easy and seamless integration across all enterprise systems."


The features of Bunchball Go are:


  • Innovative mobile engagement elements
  • Real-time updates to scoring and leaderboards
  • Flexible integration- can pull data from any source and feed to Bunchball Go
  • Focused content such as quizzes and videos readily available on mobile devices
  • Performance metrics to see who is completing specific tasks and when they are being completed as well as hierarchal leaderboards and for peer-to-peer recognition
  • Helps organize LMS content for employees’ individual training paths


About Bunchball Inc: Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia launched the gamification industry in 2007 with the introduction of Bunchball Nitro, the first technology platform to integrate game mechanics into non-game digital experiences. Since then, millions of people have completed more than 5 billion challenges powered by Bunchball. Bunchball has proven that effective gamification can create measurable ROI and real business value.