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Synchrony Global and Bunchball Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Gamification to SAP SuccessFactors

Synchrony Global and Bunchball Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Gamification to SAP SuccessFactors

SINGAPORE, December 8 – Synchrony Global, a leading provider of cloud human capital management (HCM) solutions in Asia-Pacific, and Bunchball, the market leader and innovator in gamification, signed a strategic partnership yesterday in Singapore.

The new partnership will allow Synchrony Global, an SAP Silver Partner in Asia-Pacific, to deliver Bunchball’s innovative engagement solutions, powered by gamification, to new and existing customers throughout Asia.  

Bunchball’s Nitro Platform seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, offering immediate and quantifiable engagement solutions to SuccessFactors operators. When combined with Synchrony’s expertise in SuccessFactors implementation, this new partnership will help deliver business value and drive deeper employee engagement to new and existing SAP SuccessFactors customers.

“We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and accelerate the process of user adoption for the HCM solutions we provide. This partnership will help accelerate user adoption through the compelling power of gamification,” said Synchrony Global CEO Darcy Mark Lalonde. “Synchrony Global’s proven transformation services enable clients to successfully implement their chosen technology, the addition of Bunchball’s Nitro for SuccessFactors will make employee engagement easier and more powerful, increasing effectiveness.”

“We are proud to be launching our ‘Engage Partner Program’ with Synchrony Global at SuccessConnect 2016 Singapore,” said John Gevisser, VP of Channel and Alliances for Bunchball. “Our Engage Partner Program delivers critical expertise and support to our partners, so that they have the ability to implement our solutions for their clients with velocity. Bunchball has consistently driven behaviour change for our customers’ clients through our market leading Nitro platform. Key to our continued success is Bunchball’s ability to innovate, integrate and continuously engage participants across multiple programs- and this is underpinned by our commitment to SAP SuccessFactors.”


About Synchrony Global

Synchrony Global is a leading provider of innovative and transformational HR solutions and services to local, regional and global organisations across the world.

Synchrony Global’s services optimise HR services through innovative technology and robust high quality operational cloud services. The company’s service delivery framework caters for the entire employee lifecycle from attract to hire to retire.

Synchrony Global is headquartered in Singapore, a global delivery centre in Manila, and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dunedin, NZ. Learn more at

About Bunchball

Bunchball is the leader and innovator of engagement technology powered by gamification. Purpose-built for the enterprise, Bunchball’s proven engagement solutions motivate employee, partner and customer behaviours while delivering the performance intelligence needed to drive business results. An early visionary, Bunchball wrote the book on gamification with the 2013 best seller Loyalty 3.0, and is widely credited for numerous market innovations, including a patent for Gamification as a Service. More than 400 enterprise customers rely upon Bunchball for the company’s expertise, innovations and proprietary analytics that deliver proven business results, and Bunchball is the partner of choice to industry leaders including Jive, SAP, and NICE Systems. Learn more at

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John Gevisser, VP, Channels & Alliances