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Gamification Analytics

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Gamification Analytics & Actionable Data

Use Nitro to Measure and Drive Gamification Participation

Nitro gives you deep visibility into what your users are doing, allowing you to not only drive the behavior you want, using our easy and flexible tools, but to also measure the results.

Nitro is ideal for time-sensitive campaigns, when real-time results are what count. Nitro empowers site producers and marketers to change incentives, rewards and behavior, on the fly, without requiring another engineering cycle. With Nitro, you can create new rules, rewards, virtual items, levels, notifications, and more, and they're all instantly live on your site.

Nitro Gamification Analytics Give You the Power of Actionable Data

Nitro also lets you generate reports and gamification analytics on your users' behavior, and the things that matter to you, bringing the value of gamification to life. Nitro Analytics gives you the tools you need to measure the success of your gamification initiatives, to quickly iterate on them, and to look at your users in a whole new way, both individually and in aggregate. Nitro Analytics measures real user actions, like content creation, social sharing or achievements; going several levels deeper than just looking at page views or click-throughs. With the powerful and flexible Nitro Analytics dashboard, you can receive actionable data, based on deep user engagement and actions.

Nitro Studio Dashboard gives you gamification anlalytics that lead to actionable insights