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Bunchball Client Services

Our client services team wants to help you achieve your business goals. We bring deep experience and advanced technologies to motivate employees, partners, and customers to take action. With expertise in a range of disciplines across hundreds of successful deployments, our team members know how to develop effective gamification strategies and make them work for your business.

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Innovative Motivational and Loyalty Solutions

Bunchball Gamification Services team discussing Gamification Strategies

We are excited about the possibilities of gamification to drive loyalty that lasts. We’ve partnered with hundreds of customers to develop innovative gamification strategies that address real business challenges:

  • Motivate sales teams to increase sales and improve customer service (Ford)
  • Turn a call center into a low-turnover, highly effective support center (LiveOps)
  • Foster meaningful collaboration with real impact on the bottom line (Bluewolf)
  • Make a successful community even better (Eloqua)
  • Increase conversions from free trial to accomplished user (Adobe)
  • Build and sustain an audience across TV, web, and social channels (MTV Europe)
  • Increase viewership and fan loyalty with higher ad impressions and more sales (Psych/USA Network)
  • Stimulate activity and quality contributions on internal and external communities (SolarWinds)

Audience Engagement Results You Can Measure

Nitro Studio Dashboard helps you measure audience engagement

Our analytics and data experts help you define an engagement strategy that will drive your core business objectives as measured by your key performance indicators (KPIs). We help you analyze rich data sets to better understand what motivates your employees, partners, or customers to engage in high value behaviors. Some of the results our customers have experienced:

  • 80% increase in blog traffic from social media, 45% increase in website traffic, and 57% increase in internal social network activity.
  • 4x increase in adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase.
  • Reduction in onboarding time from 160 hours to 14 hours and boosted customer satisfaction by 9%.
  • 416% increase in engagement.

The World’s Leading Experts in Gamification Strategies

Bunchball provides gamification services team are the leading experts in gamification strategies

Our team includes leading experts in the field of gamification. Drawing from experience in digital strategy, analytics, interactive media, and loyalty and motivation design, we have developed the best execution track record to help you move from theory to action to quantifiable results.

  • Bunchball launched the industry in 2007 and has continued to innovate with over 40 product releases.
  • We’ve tracked more than 5 billion challenges, developing deep insight into what motivates people to take action.
  • More than 300 customers continue to rely on Bunchball to amplify their success and engage their audience.
  • Strategic integrations and partnerships with leading enterprise and commercial technology providers attest to the success of our approach.

Ready, Set, Go!

We provide support throughout your engagement from strategy to tactical gamification services to ongoing support.

  • Knowing what you know and how to amplify your success is a result of a measurement and learning plan developed with our expert analytics team.
  • Successful gamification starts with a plan and our digital strategy team will help identify desired behaviors and create an outstanding experience to achieve your business objectives.
  • Your partner from idea to outcome—Bunchball’s experts are ready to make your plan a success with dedicated account management, technical support and educational services from planning to launch to follow-up.