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Integrated Nitro Solutions

Simple, powerful gamification solutions

There’s no better way than gamification to engage employees, customers and partners with your site, become more loyal to your company, improve sales and support performance, build community, or adopt your application.

With its Integrated Nitro Solutions, Bunchball makes it easier than ever to set up the gamification programs that will help you realize those goals. Integrated Nitro Solutions are easily adopted, turnkey solutions that combine Bunchball's proven gamification tools and expertise to solve specific business problems.

Every Integrated Nitro Solution gives you all the gamification tools you need right out of the box: pre-built presentation pages, pre-configured point economies, and an optimized admin console – perfect for when you want to get going fast or have overtaxed developer resources.

Best of all, every Integrated Nitro Solution plugs and plays with leading enterprise platforms, including, IBM Connections and Jive. With Integrated Nitro Solutions, gamification is easy, intuitive and targeted.

Meet the Integrated Nitro Solutions family

Integrated Nitro Solutions are built using gamification best practices and gamification tools gleaned from hundreds of Bunchball customer implementations.  Use them to spark specific behaviors from specific users so you can engage employees an improve business performance. 

Bunchball’s Integrated Nitro Solutions include:

Nitro for Salesforce
Motivate teams to sell more and deliver better service.
Nitro for Jive
Engage employees, partners and customers in social communities.
Nitro for IBM Connections
Increase user activation, adoption and engagement.