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Nitro for Jive Gamification


Jive Advanced Gamification Module

The Jive Advanced Gamification Module, powered by Bunchball, puts the most advanced gamification engine inside your Jive social business platform, and motivates employees, partners, and customers to join, learn, and contribute in meaningful ways.

A successful online community has big potential for building your brand, expanding your audience, and making your workforce more productive. But your community is only as good as its contributors, and they need inspiration. Bunchball Nitro for Jive combines game mechanics with behavioral data to motivate employees, customers, and partners, maximize engagement, and increase your ROI.

Inspire Online Collaboration with Personalized Goals, Recognition, and Rewards

The Jive Advanced Gamification Module, powered by Bunchball, makes it easy to challenge teams, inspire collaboration, and recognize contributors who become active, valued members of your online community. Pre-built components and proven program designs quickly bring new members into the conversation and robust analytics give you the data you need to keep them engaged.
  • Bring on new members faster with proven, pre-built missions to explore functionality
  • Encourage behaviors and track progress with goal-setting, leveling, and rewards
  • Ensure high-value contributions with advanced reputation scores based on social feedback and group behaviors
  • Create groups and competitions to promote positive team behavior and compel action
  • Reward creativity and behaviors that have the most impact on your social business goals
  • Recognize top collaborators with high visibility in leaderboards and activity streams

Design and push challenges in minutes

Jive social gamification challenges and badges

Millions of users have completed billions of challenges using Nitro. Harness the power of gamification with seamless integration into the Jive experience from user streams to profiles to groups. Simply setup challenges, push them out and measure the results.

  • Target, deploy, and measure individual or team challenges based on hundreds of specific activities
  • Quickly add pre-built missions, badges and levels or create your own
  • Gain insight into what motivates your audience with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Assign challenges based on places, role, geography, past behavior and more
  • Make it easy to redeem points for goods with monetary or intrinsic value

Create a seamless experience with rich rewards

Jive social gamification reputation overview

Bunchball Nitro is the most widely used and most powerful gamification engine available. Our proven cloud-based service has powered over 20 billion actions and is the only gamification module available through Jive Software.

  • Track activity across communities, platforms and devices with ready-to-use reports and analytics
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and more for an experience that maps to the way today’s social businesses operate
  • Develop innovative strategies and effective measures of success with our accomplished client services team
  • To extend gamification beyond social networks to enterprise apps, websites, and more digital experiences, learn more about our full Nitro gamification engine.

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