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Nitro for NICE


Nitro for NICE

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Bunchball Nitro, the world’s most advanced gamification engine, powers the native gamification features in the NICE Workforce Optimization suite to motivate employees to deliver a better customer experience at lower cost.

Many contact center and back office organizations struggle to engage their employees. Enter Engagement Plus, NICE Systems’ gamification module, powered by Bunchball Nitro. Engagement Plus combines game mechanics with behavioral data to motivate employees to tackle tasks and meet performance targets.

Maximize Sales and Service Performance

Engagement Plus is embedded within NICE Performance Management, Incentive Compensation Management and Workforce Management — solutions that align employees around data and goals, and then focuses them on the right actions to improve results. Pre-built gamification components and proven program designs engage employees every time they interact with these NICE solutions.

  • Bring on new employees faster with easy, introductory challenges
  • Ensure continuous engagement and employee-driven learning with progressive quests
  • Recognize performance with points and rewards tied to quality, not just quantity
  • Encourage competition and collaboration with levels and badges of distinction

Design and Push Challenges and Quests in Minutes

Engagement Plus makes it easy to launch contests and spiffs that challenge teams, inspire collaboration, and reward employees. Set up targeted programs, push them out and watch your employees compete to exceed performance goals.

  • Apply gamification strategies specifically designed for sales and/or service roles
  • Easily create, deploy, and measure individual or team challenges
  • Assign quests based on group, role, geography, past behavior and more
  • Gain insight into what motivates your audience with robust analytics and expert reports

Create a Seamless Experience with Rich Rewards

Nitro is the most widely used and most powerful gamification engine available. Our proven cloud-based service has powered over 20 billion actions and is the gamification engine behind NICE’s industry leading Workforce Optimization solutions. Nitro lets you

  • Track activity across platforms and devices with ready-to-use reports and analytics
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and more for an experience that maps to the way today’s social businesses operate
  • Develop innovative strategies and effective measures of success with our accomplished client services team
  • Extend gamification to other enterprise apps, websites, and digital experiences. Learn more about our full Nitro gamification engine.