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Nitro: The Enterprise Engagement Platform Powered by Gamification

Secure your investment with the most battle tested enterprise gamification platform available

Powerful rules engine that integrates to and from all enterprise system as the engagement layer - engage where your users already are  

  • Easy integration using APIs and pre-built UI modules
  • Scalable across many use cases and lines of business
  • User segmenting, onboarding, and ongoing specific journeys
  • Efficient administration - configured from your program strategy
  • Insights that drive program optimization and sustainability
  • Rich data insights into your enterprise applications
  • The most secure and scalable platform





Flexible, Scalable

The most flexible rules engine available, enabling you to build programs that resonate with your unique audience and use cases  



Simple Yet Powerful

Nitro Studio's intuitive and elegant interface provides easy program management   



360° Insights

Advanced analytics to drive performance and engagement across multiple systems


Seamless, agnostic integration experience

Bunchball Nitro's agnostic nature allows you to integrate with any system using APIs, prebuilt UI modules, and flexible formats both on your desktop or mobile device

   LMS    CRM    Social Collaboration    Intranet/Portal    Partner Channel    Workflow Management    Performance Management    

Battle-tested for the enterprise