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The Nitro Platform: Bunchball’s Enterprise Gamification Platform



Drive engagement with the leading enterprise gamification platform

Nitro, Bunchball’s cloud-based enterprise gamification platform, is specifically designed and created to help organizations – of all sizes and industries – tap into the power of the most battle-tested enterprise gamification platform. Bunchball realizes the challenges enterprises face when it comes to engagement - that’s why we created Nitro!



Key Features and Benefits

Easy Integration

Nitro is a software-agnostic enterprise gamification platform. Enterprises can use RESTful APIs and pre-built UI modules for increased customization. Flexible format for your desktop or mobile devices. Nitro is easy to integrate and deploy.


Nitro’s RESTful APIs allow you to manage your program’s actions, challenges, badges, rewards and leaderboards.  Transfer knowledge to users by managing and consuming quizzes.  Recognize others with a powerful recognition engine and segmentation capabilities.  Provide your users and business leaders with the information and tools needed to succeed.

Rich Data Insights

Big data and enterprise gamification are a natural fit. But you need to put those data insights into action. Nitro allows organizations to leverage big data for strategic and actionable decisions. Nitro’s API can inject data from multiple enterprise systems, giving you a unified data model for driving the boost your organization needs to achieve your business goals.


Nitro features rock-solid security for all users deploying enterprise gamification initiatives. You’ll be confident that sensitive information on users, data, and gamification programs remains protected and secure with enterprise-level encryption at rest and in-transit.


Our cloud-based gamification platform is uniquely scalable across many use cases and lines of business. Enterprises can take advantage of a scalable approach for delivering continuing engagement, business insights and return on investment. Grow your enterprise initiatives that align with your employee engagement strategy.

User Segmentation

Track a user’s (employee) performance across various functions and disciplines. Whether it’s onboarding or ongoing specific programs, you’ll get a unified view of the user’s involvement in the initiatives.

Efficient Administration

Along with higher levels of visibility and control, Nitro allows you to simply manage your program according to your specific needs and strategy. Enterprise partners are empowered to freely modify for increased customization.




Tangible and Measurable Results

As a pioneer and industry leader, Bunchball has the experience and expertise of partnering with enterprises of all industries. And the measurable results support our proven track record.

  • Increased engagement with internal portal -- Bunchball customers have seen a 416% increase in engagement.
  • Increased internal social media activity among employees -- Customers have experienced an 80% increase in blog traffic from social media, a 45% increase in website traffic, and a 57% increase in internal social network activity.
  • Complex software products adoption -- Customers have seen a 4x increase in adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase.
  • Call center agents training -- Bunchball customers experienced a reduction in onboarding time from 4 weeks to 14 hours and boosted customer satisfaction by 9%.



Flexible, Scalable

Bunchball’s flexible rules engine available enables you to build programs that resonate with your unique audience and use cases. Scale with ease!



Intuitive Interface

Nitro Studio's intuitive and elegant interface provides easy program management. Simple drag-and-drop tools with no coding necessary.



360° Data Insights

Advanced analytics to drive performance and engagement across multiple systems. Increased visibility on all users and their engagement.



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Nitro has served over 80 million unique users and 4 billion transactions to date. It’s time to empower your enterprise with higher engagement and rich data insights with the industry’s leading gamification platform.



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Seamless, agnostic integration experience

Bunchball Nitro's agnostic nature allows you to integrate with any system using APIs, prebuilt UI modules, and flexible formats both on your desktop or mobile device

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Battle-tested for the enterprise