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Nitro for Salesforce Gamification


Nitro for Salesforce

Bunchball Nitro for Salesforce puts the most advanced gamification engine inside Sales Cloud to motivate employees to sell more.

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Your CRM is an excellent system of record. Turn it into a system of engagement and get maximum ROI from your Salesforce investment. Gain deep insight into employee behavior through behavioral analysis of targeted campaigns. Incent organization-wide Salesforce adoption and high-value usage and get quality data to forecast sales. Provide immediate performance feedback to employees to motivate and engage teams, leading to stronger performance, better product knowledge, and lower turnover—keys drivers of growth and profitability.

To Achieve Sales Effectiveness: Go Beyond Contests and Game Mechanics

Nitro for Salesforce Gamification

While the gamification of Salesforce makes it easy to launch contests and spiffs, it can do so much more to challenge teams, inspire collaboration, and reward ongoing learning and growth. While it is easy to simply post leaderboards and badges or automate the common contest, with Nitro for Salesforce gamification you can set up campaigns targeted at your most important goals, gain valuable insight into what motivates your employees and use that information to drive them to succeed.

  • Create, deploy, and measure individual or team challenges
  • Assign challenges based on group, role, geography, past behavior and more
  • Gain insight into what motivates your audience with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Amp up the competition with public leaderboards that rank on your choice of metrics
  • Incorporate game mechanics into your experience including notifications, points, badges, levels, and redemption for physical or virtual goods

Maximize ROI from Salesforce through a Seamless Experience with Rich Rewards

Nitro for Salesforce gamification integrates directly into Sales Cloud

Nitro for Salesforce integrates directly into Sales Cloud to drive up adoption and high-value behaviors. Pre-built components and proven program designs challenge employees to learn and contribute to Salesforce every time they access the application.

  • Bring on new employees faster with easy, introductory challenges integrated into Salesforce
  • Expand utilization of Salesforce with progressive challenges that increase ROI
  • Drive data integrity with points, challenges and rewards tied to quality, not just quantity
  • Improve management insight from comprehensive account and behavioral data

Get Going Quickly and Easily, yet Highly Customizable for Complex Environments

Nitro for Salesforce gamification requires minimal IT involvement

From the start, Nitro for Salesforce requires minimal IT involvement to get you up and running with common challenges, But, because the solution is built upon Nitro, the most widely used and powerful gamification engine available, you can seamlessly expand into a fully customized solution for your most complex business requirements.

  • Drive immediate value by easily deploying common challenges based on both standard and custom objects
  • Drive highly-targeted, complex challenges with additional configuration with the ability to engage in a fully custom deployment for your most complex needs
  • Manage your environment and gain valuable insights from within Nitro Studio, a consumer-grade management console meant for the business user
  • Track activity across platforms and devices with ready-to-use reports and analytics
  • Monitor activities on social channels in real time
  • Develop innovative strategies and effective measures of success with our accomplished client services team

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