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2013 Rockstar Roadshow - Atlanta

2013 Rockstar Roadshow - Atlanta

Did you miss Bunchball’s Gamification Rockstar Roadshow in Atlanta on Sept 16th? You can view the highlights video on this page and register to watch the entire event on video.

See event highlights above. Register below to watch full-length videos.

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Full-length Event Videos

1. Welcome Remarks: Rajat Paharia, Founder, Chief Product Officer, Bunchball

2. Opening Keynote: Stephen Powell, Vice President, Global Sales, Intercontinental Hotels Group "Engaging for Success: Advancing the Dynamic of Global Sales Behavior"

3. Panel Discussion: Adoption of Gamification in the Engaged Enterprise: Energize and Motivate Your Employees and Partners.

4. Analyst Presentation: Ray Wang, Constellation Research

5. Panel Discussion: Rising above the noise: Creating a Community around Engaging Customer Experiences.

6. Closing Keynote: Chris Morace, Chief Strategy Officer, Jive Software