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Beyond Badges: Rewards that Motivate

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Beyond Badges: Rewards that Motivate

Congratulations! You’ve just earned the big kahuna badge.

That’s nice…So what?

Gamification: A Rewarding Experience

To get your audience’s attention, you have to cut through the noise of competing offers and distractions by understanding what motivates them to act or not act. Gamification amplifies the effect of an existing, core experience by applying the motivational techniques that make games so engaging. As you increase high-value interactions with customers, employees, and partners, you drive more sales, stronger collaboration, better ROI, deeper loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and more.

Gamification Rewards Examples

Successful gamification of any digital experience—from motivating customers to engaging employees—requires a rewards system that goes well beyond badges and points. You have to understand what will drive your audience to act in ways that benefit your business and sustain that engagement over time.

  • Cash rewards or discounts are the most common rewards and the most at risk to competitive offers. They tend to generate loyalty to the best deal rather than to the business.
  • Status rewards give users recognition within their community. inspired more, higher quality contributions by recognizing those who provide valued content with reputation badges.
  • Recognition and appreciation comes from others within your community. Eloqua raised activity levels and improved self moderation when members could give each other points for helpful content.
  • Early and exclusive access opens rewards to a select group. The MTV European Music Awards MegaFan competition encouraged fans to earn points for their favorite stars and gain access to exclusive content.
  • Power unlocks new abilities that allow you to participate in new ways. Realiz untapped potential in an online customer community by transforming passive members into mission specialists.
  • Prosocial incentives enable participants to give to others. Zamzee and HopeLab motivate kids to exercise and earn points that they can trade for goods or give to charitable causes.

Responsive Motivation

A gamification platform that closes the loop between design, interaction, and results gives you the ability to customize your gamification strategy to sustain engagement and optimize business results on the fly. The result is more sales, stronger collaboration, better ROI, deeper loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and more. This is Loyalty 3.0.