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Webinar: Beyond Coin-Operated Sales Management

Webinar: Beyond Coin-Operated Sales Management

Managing a modern sales team can be more challenging than running an old school, Glengarry Glen Ross-style team of straight-commission closers. While no less financially motivated than their predecessors, it is undeniably the case that today’s sellers are also driven by a need for recognition, competition, and engagement. Add to the mix surprising new data from the Aberdeen Group revealing the increased importance of margin-sensitive sales management, and you’ve really got your work cut out for you when it comes to hitting your quarterly number.

In this provocative and entertaining webinar, Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow provides detailed, prescriptive guidance to help you maximize the output of your sales team. Tune in to learn how your peers, contemporaries, and competitors are: 

  • Replicating “A players”
  • Shortening sales rep onboarding windows
  • Aligning skills, activities, and responsibilities
  • Leveraging game mechanics
  • Leaning more on Mr. Spock than Captain Kirk - really

…to result in shorter sales cycles, growing deal sizes, and more reps achieving sales quota.