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Blending Customer Data for the ROI-Driven Analyst

Blending Customer Data for the ROI-Driven Analyst

Analysts need a quick and easy way to analyze complex data sets and measure ROI quickly.

At Bunchball, the Director of Analytics & Insight faced a similar challenge trying to build data models to measure client engagement.

In this webinar, Keith Conley, Director, Analytics & Insight at Bunchball, discusses the 5 secrets of how they use Alteryx and Tableau to combine loyalty and engagement data with client, sales and attribute data to show the impact they are having on client ROI.

See how Bunchball enhanced how they analyze and communicate their impact on client ROI and empowered their analysts with:

  • Easy blending of customer information from multiple data sources to determine what marketing programs are driving the highest value customers
  • Repeatable and scalable data blending workflows, resulting in efficient data analytics across multiple projects
  • A way to present results visually so business users can easily spot key insights