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Bluewolf's Natasha Oxenburgh On Using Gamification To Motivate Employees

Bluewolf's Natasha Oxenburgh On Using Gamification To Motivate Employees

Natasha Oxenburgh, Product Marketing Manager, talks about how gamification is successfully being used to encourage employees to utilize social media.

Natasha Oxenburgh: I'm Natasha Oxenburgh and I'm Social Programs Manager at Bluewolf. We're a global consulting firm. We're using Bunchball as a gamification platform and change management tactic to motivate ongoing behavior. In a internal initiative we have outgoing social. Outgoing social program is about motivating our employees to build their personal brands and developed our subject matter experts as thought leaders. From a marketing perspective, we see all of our subject matter experts and our thought leaders as a great resource for potential thought leadership and lead generation.

We chose Bunchball because we did-- went through a typical vendor analysis and found that Bunchball was the leader in gamification and that their platform was well suited to our needs and to be implemented on our CRM system that we use with Salesforce. We've seen actually significant changes actually a total cultural transformation over the past year with this program, which gamification was a part of it. From an inbound marking perspective, we've tripled traffic to our website from social media platforms. We've also tripled blog our blog readership and we've seen eight fold increase in our blogger community.

From an internal perspective we've seen our collaboration as a company internally increase. 57% increase in the first quarter of this program and we sustain those high levels of engagement ever since.