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Brain Hacking Employees For Their Own Good

Brain Hacking Employees For Their Own Good

Data, Gamification, and Game Mechanics: Engagement Tools for the Modern Workplace

Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram use brain hacking techniques to keep us returning to our smartphones to receive rewards that come in the form of shares, likes and comments. But, can they be used by employers to engage employees and improve the employee experience?

Join our webinar on 5/11 and learn how innovative companies are applying similar concepts to drive accessible, relevant, peer-driven learning programs that produce improved employee engagement and business results. Guest speaker George LaRocque will share:

  • The employee issues that have the biggest impact on engagement and business results
  • Rapidly emerging trends in corporate learning and learning technology that employers need to understand
  • Where gamification technology fits within an HR technology strategy
  • The business results employers see by implementing gamification in their approach to learning