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Building Engagement & Performance Insights in Communities

Building Engagement & Performance Insights in Communities

When you are managing a community, driving ongoing engagement and understanding program health are critical. How do you motivate, monitor and measure the health of your community? What can you do to sustain interest and engagement? And finally...what performance strategies help drive community and business success?

If you missed "Advanced Gamification to Drive Engagement and Business Outcomes" at JiveWorld16, be sure to join us on April 14. Cisco's Social Media Program Manager, Deanna Belle, and Bunchball's director of Analytics, Keith Conley, will share their first-hand account of how Cisco's development community has evolved since it's migration to Jive 2 years ago.  You'll learn which engagement strategies worked and what insights they have today, including:

  • Best practices for motivating initial adoption and ongoing community engagement
  • Leveraging data and analytics to understand community program health and drive engagement and measure business impact
  • Recommendations for correlating the business value of community performancea

Watch the recorded webinar now