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Call Center Gamification: 10 Surprising Insights One Year After Launch

Call Center Gamification: 10 Surprising Insights One Year After Launch

Call centers typically suffer from high turnover, low morale and poor operational efficiencies – all of which make them prime targets for gamification. When Allied International Credit Corp. (AIC) gamified its call center in 2013, the company was hoping to improve employee performance by addressing the challenges of education, motivation and retention. A year later, AIC has done all that . . . and more.

During this webinar, Joel MacCharles, Vice President of Innovation at AIC, will pull back the curtain and give us an insider's perspective on how the company achieved its goals.

Additionally, he'll discuss 10 surprising insights gleaned over the past year as AIC turned conventional thinking about business and motivation on its head to create a successful behavior-based gamification experience for its call center. For example, Joel will explain:

  1. A stroke is a stroke; scoring is simple.
  2. Life isn't fair. Our game isn't either.
  3. Not all Points are equal.
  4. The winner doesn't always win.
  5. Creating losers.
  6. Avoid Big Brother.
  7. Don't sell or force people to play.
  8. Design with your ears.
  9. Cheating is part of the rules.
  10. Members of Fight Club knew what to expect.

If you're struggling with questions like:

  • How can we keep our support team motivated?
  • What kind of spiffs and contests would incent our team?
  • How can we better train our team and keep their knowledge fresh?
  • What can we do to curb turnover and better manage burnout?