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Creating Brand Advocates with Gamification

Creating Brand Advocates with Gamification

Engaging Loyal Customers to Market Your Brand for You

Organizations around the world are looking for new and better ways to engage with their customers, and it's easy to see why. Engaged customers are three times more likely to recommend or advocate a product or service to a friend, and improved engagement creates business value and strategic differentiation.

Of the new technologies enabling marketing organizations to make a shift from transactions to engagement, gamification in particular is playing a key role in driving customer incentive and loyalty for brands in the consumer world.

Caroline Japic, SVP of Marketing at Bunchball, lays out a case for the digital transformation that marketing organizations are going through, and provides a set of case studies showing how gamification is being adopted by leading brands to drive deeper customer engagement in areas such as:

  • Audience engagement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer community engagement