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Driving Learning Engagement: A Volkswagen Update

Driving Learning Engagement: A Volkswagen Update

Three years ago Volkswagen joined Bunchball, a Division of BI WORLDWIDE to teach people how they train 30,000 employees across over 600 US dealerships. VW was looking for a fun, engaging way to motivate their employees training, and also needed it to be a centralized platform that tied everything together


Join our webinar featuring Lea Sorrentino, Director of Creative Strategy at Bunchball, and Darrin Martin, Manager, Digital and Distance Learning at Volkswagen, to get an update on VW Cup, Volkswagen’s gamification program. We’ll cover:


  • What originally brought Volkswagen to Bunchball for their gamification needs

  • VW’s  experience with gamification and what Nitro has to offer

  • How Nitro works as a hub for all of VW’s training systems

  • How the program has grown and evolved since the last update three years ago