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Employee Engagement Dynamic Duo: Gamification & Analytics

Employee Engagement Dynamic Duo: Gamification & Analytics

Over the past few years, more and more managers have turned to gamification to solve problems associated with low levels of employee engagement. However, in their attempts to improve business performance, many managers have become convinced that increasing engagement is the end game.

When it comes to business systems, boosting adoption and participation is important - essential, even - but you can't stop there. You need to remember why you wanted your employees engaged in the tool in the first place and tie increased engagement to specific business outcomes. To maintain momentum, you need to analyze the activity data and optimize the engagement programs that run within your systems of record.

The conclusion? Gamification alone isn't enough. Join this webinar hosted by Keith Conley, Director of Analytics and Insights at Bunchball to learn about the importance of both gamification and analytics and hear real life examples of how to combine the two for maximum engagement.