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Forrester Report: Realizing Return on Channel Investment

Forrester Report: Realizing Return on Channel Investment

Of all the challenges business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals face with respect to their channel partners, none is more foundational or more pressing than their inability to determine and articulate their return on channel investment (ROCI). As the spotlight of performance and return-on-investment accountability shifts from internal operations to shine increasingly on the channels function, you must become more adept at applying modern system-of-insight fundamentals involving big data, data science, and predictive analytics.

In this Forrester research report, you’ll receive a methodology for crafting ROCI determination and communications capability including how to:

  • Calculate ROCI at the granular channel program level to be sure of which channel program investments are bearing the most fruit
  • Build a properly designed partner system of insight that can be mined by modern performance analytics tools
  • Create a system of insight to unravel program dependency chain
  • Boost ROCI with gamification and measurement