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Forrester's Kim Celestre On Using Gamification To Engage Communities

Forrester's Kim Celestre On Using Gamification To Engage Communities

Kim Celestre, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc. talks about how gamification is successfully being used to engage customer communities as well as employees.

Kim Celestre: My name is Kim Celestre. I'm a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research. Gamification is really going to help, drive, increased engagement with online community members which is something that we're seeing more and more companies launch not only for engaging their own employees, but also engaging customers and partners. Gamification is going to be very influential in the way companies start motivating and rewarding individuals for any type of activity that will occur with within an online community. I am seeing gamification use in many different ways. On one hand, I've seen it being used in online support communities.

For example, where gamification is used to incentivize community members to support each other. I've seen it used for product innovation in ideation communities for example where companies will use gamification such as points for ideas that community members provides and even will have mechanisms for voting and badges for top contributors and that sort of thing. Then another area where I've seen a gamification work really well is, with sharing content. Incentivizing community members, even employees for that matter to share content within their own social networks could be either internally within a company or even externally though other social networks.