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Inspiring Financial Literacy in the Workplace: Sun Life Financial Case Study

Inspiring Financial Literacy in the Workplace: Sun Life Financial Case Study

Today's employees are constantly juggling competing priorities—both at home and at work. They're busier than ever, and that means taking advantage of their workplace retirement plan can easily fall to the bottom of the list. This is particularly true for Millennials, who find it difficult to prioritize retirement when it's still decades away.

How can employers address this challenge? What's the best way to build their employees' financial literacy and improve participation in savings and retirement plans at work?

Sun Life Financial has the answers. During this webinar, you'll hear how Sun Life Financial has used a gamified online education program called money UP to help employees of companies with Sun Life workplace retirement savings plans better understand financial planning concepts and the benefits of saving at work. Nadia Darwish, vice president of market development for Sun Life Financial's Group Retirement Services, and Rajat Paharia, founder and chief product officer of Bunchball, will discuss:

  • the challenge of engaging employees in workplace retirement plans
  • how money UP was designed to motivate employees to take action and save for retirement
  • why intrinsic motivators, such as social interaction, progress and autonomy, are especially important for engaging Millennials
  • real-world business results from the money UP platform
  • tips on launching a gamification program in your organization

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