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Jive Gamification Module Powered By Bunchball

Jive Gamification Module Powered By Bunchball

Jive Gamification Module- Comprehensive Gamification for Jive. Engage users, increase productivity and improve ROI. Available now. For more information please visit Nitro for Jive

Speaker: Jive enables business is to drive collaboration for customers, employees and partners through the power of social business. Bunchball enables businesses to motivate and engage customers, employees and partners through the power of gamification. Now, jive and Bunchball have partnered to create the first integrated gamification solution for collaboration. Our partnership recognizes that engagement is a critical factor in getting users activated, trained and producing. How do you maximize engagement with gamification? Using gamification, you can amplify the value of your jive customer or employee community.

You can reward customers for collaboration and participation and you can maximize your ROI. Here's how it works. By using techniques from games like goal setting, competition, real-time feedback and rewards. You can now motivate any kind of behavior in your jive community. Missions give your users goals to work for like answering questions, contributing content and networking with others. Levels recognized and showcase the experts in your community and enables them to unlock extra powers and abilities as a reward for their work. Leaderboards drive competition, recognition and fame and rewards give them something meaningful to work towards.

The jive gamification module creates sustained engagement that can be modified and updated on the fly to support new initiatives processes and products. You can also decrease the amount of time it takes for a new jive user to get started, by aligning missions to activities like filling out profiles. Following places, people and information, commenting on and engaging in discussions, sharing content and inviting others to join. The best part, Bunchball offers the only gamification solution that's personalized. So that each user's experience is customized for what matters to them. Sustained engagement, increased collaboration, improved loyalty and big ROI. That's jive gamification module available now. Learn more at