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Jive Software's John Rizzo On Integrating with Nitro

Jive Software's John Rizzo On Integrating with Nitro

John Rizzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Jive Software, talks about how Jive's partnership with Bunchball and how it has effected the company and its customers.

John Rizzo: I'm John Rizzo, I'm the chief marketing officer at Jive Software. Bunchball is a partner with Jive. We bring Bunchball to market to our large enterprise customers to add more sophisticated gamification than our core platform technology allows. We take Bunchball into our accounts and work collaboratively with both the accounts and Bunchball to bring advanced gamification to Jive Social Business deployments across the world. We love Bunchball because the technology we feel is the most interesting and the most advanced.

The working relationships and partnerships with the company are fantastic. Our sales team has had great success in bringing Bunchballl into our customers in an efficient well organized manner. We love the partnership and the results that it's generated for Jive and our customers. We found that Bunchball gives us a unique edge when we talk with customers about the gamification because there's a lot of interest, and the fact that it's integrated, and the fact that there's proof points from our existing customers. They see uplift in their communities using Jive and Bunchballl. It's a very useful addition to our product. We're just really pleased to be here and really pleased to have the opportunity to work with Bunchball as a great partner.