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Managing Performance in the Post-Review Era

Managing Performance in the Post-Review Era

I can’t wait for my performance review! Said no one ever.

Many industry-leading organizations have boldly announced the deaths of their annual performance reviews. As you continue to adapt policies and processes to motivate and inspire a Gen Y workforce, you’ve also discovered that continuous feedback and coaching is critical to employee success.

Join us on 12/15 for a webinar featuring guest speaker Claire Schooley, Principal Analyst with Forrester who will talk about Forrester’s research on the topic. Chrys Ennis, Sr. Manager, New Technology, with Verizon Wireless will also share how Verizon Wireless has reinvented their employee engagement approach to truly empower employees across the organization. Topics covered include:

  • Why traditional employee performance processes are no longer effective
  • Emerging trends and alternative approaches to performance management and employee engagement
  • Ways to upgrade and augment outdated performance management processes and feedback systems
  • How Verizon Wireless incorporates employee engagement technology to drive exceptional customer experience