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Motivating Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Social Collaboration

Motivating Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Social Collaboration

Gamification + Community: Cigna University’s Secret Sauce for an Engaging Employee Experience

Cigna University’s vision for social and collaborative learning places emphasis on knowledge sharing and skill building relationships, leveraging personal networks and communities where employees can learn with and from each other. Gamification motivates, rewards and provides feedback to employees that add value to the community by contributing content, engaging in discussions, and recognizing others’ efforts.

Join our webinar on April 6 and learn how Cigna University uses gamification to drive social collaboration. Chris Davis, Manager of Social, Collaborative, and Pervasive Learning at Cigna will share:

  • What impact gamification has had on Cigna’s internal communities
  • How to champion gamification to internal stakeholders
  • Why data analysis and insight is key to driving a successful motivation program