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Nitro for Salesforce Demo

Nitro for Salesforce Demo

Engage and motivate your sales team by adding gamification - challenges, points, levels, status, achievements, and rewards - to!

  • MOTIVATE your sales team to increase sales
  • DRIVE adoption of salesforce to improve data quality
  • AUTOMATE your motivation program so you can focus on your business

Nitro for Salesforce gives you the power of game mechanics - challenges, levels, status, team competitions, leaderboards, and rewards - to make Salesforce more engaging and rewarding for your sales team to use and make it easy for you to automate your motivation programs.

Speaker: Sales managers have always relied on proven techniques for motivating salespeople, but managing these programs has been a tedious manual chore, until now. Meet Nitro, the world's leading user engagement engine. Nitro has been used by over 100 enterprises to motivate users, encourage adoption, increase participation and improve business results. Now we've combined the leading engagement engine with the leading Salesforce automation platform to create nitro for Salesforce, the AppQuest best new app winner at Dreamforce 11.

Nitro for Salesforce is an easy, automated way to motivate your sales team right in It's available on the Salesforce app exchange and can be ready to use in minutes right out-of-the-box. A persistent sidebar displays a progress bar that shows users how they're doing and how close they are to the next level. The feature challenge highlights what their manager wants them focused on and who's already completed it. The team leaderboard displays who's on top and who's not. With a simple click on the Nitro tab, the app comes alive with a personalized profile, team standings and rewards pages.

A dynamic newsfeed keeps your team up to date and helps them spread your marketing messages. The profile page keeps your team focused on the activities that matter most to your business, the challenges, teams, point values, trophies, everything is easily customized by the sales manager or Salesforce admin. Each time the user completes a challenge, he's notified in real time. Using Nitro for Salesforce, you can also create teams, any type you want to encourage collaboration and healthy competition, have regions, managers, marketers go head-to-head.

Reward chatter posts social media activity. Get people engaged and keep them communicating. Once your team starts earning, you can incentivize them with rewards that are available right in Salesforce. Rewards can be virtual or physical, you name it. It's that easy. No more manual rewards programs. You focus your team on the activities that matter most to your business and Nitro will do the heavy lifting and automate your motivation programs for you.

To learn how Nitro for Salesforce can help you motivate your teams, please visit Bunchball Nitro for Salesforce.