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Prescribing Gamification

Prescribing Gamification

See how the Pharma-Giant Benefits from a Dose of Gamification

Getting employees to engage and share in a collaboration environment can be a pain - especially if the employees don’t see immediate value in their contributions.


Join our webinar featuring Molly Kittle, Bunchball Evangelist, and John Klick, Senior Manager of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, to learn about the side effects of gamification in an employee collaboration system; increased loyalty, engagement, and motivation, and a decrease in the pain of getting employees to interact with your systems. We’ll cover:


  • The most effective gamification strategies for collaboration

  • How gamification helped Pfizer motivate their Dare to Try community and champions

  • What your company can expect from increased employee engagement, contribution and collaboration

  • Bunchball’s flexibility of connecting to multiple Pfizer systems