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The Secret to Motivating Hourly Employees

The Secret to Motivating Hourly Employees

Most of the American workforce (59 percent) is now paid by the hour –and that can pose enormous challenges for US employers. Why? Because over the years, hourly workers have proven difficult to engage, motivate and retain.

Until now.

These days, gamification can help. At Bunchball, we’ve seen again and again that when companies integrate gamification into their work environments, they see measurable results. They’re using gamification to increase productivity, enhance loyalty and improve job satisfaction among hourly workers.

And you can, too... once you learn where to focus your efforts.

If you’re an employer who wants to engage the hourly wage earners on your payroll, you need to read our new whitepaper, The Secret to Motivating Hourly Employees. It will help you:

  • Identify the core motivators of your workers
  • Effectively communicate the skills you deem valuable
  • Design a program that responds to core motivators, assigns value and illustrates success