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Showing Appreciation Through Gamification

Showing Appreciation Through Gamification

Getting customers to feel valued for their contributions is a challenge that most community managers face. When budgets get cut, the marketing team needs to think outside the box to make customers feel like valued contributors.

Join our webinar featuring Keith Conley, Sr Director of Analytics and Insight at Bunchball, and Shelley Gracia, Manager of Social Media and Community at a Multinational Information Technology Company, to learn about how gamification helps generate collaboration and appreciation for their customers in a non-competitive environment.  We’ll cover:

  • How Bunchball helped this Multinational Information Technology Company design a program to engage customers in a non-competitive environment

  • The experience of getting up to speed with gamification and what Nitro has to offer

  • How gamification increased adoption of tools and recognition

  • How communication of program success and analytics drives engagement and encourages customers to consistently participate