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USA Network's Jesse Redniss talks "Club Psych" and loyalty programs

USA Network's Jesse Redniss talks "Club Psych" and loyalty programs

Jesse Redniss: The loyalty program that we installed in Club Psych, I think has a lot of potential across every one of our properties. Basically what the loyalty program is, is it's really about gamification and giving back to the loyal fans that we have for each one of our shows. Really looking to create brand ambassadors out of these really highly engaged fans, and then using the loyalty system then giving back to them and saying, "Alright. Great. We're able to provide you with points that you can redeem for virtual goods or you can redeem those points for actual real merchandise from the shelves. Whether that's DVDs, t-shirts, mugs, what have you."

Understanding the impact that these campaigns have on overall ratings as well as traffic to the site, it's a little tricky. But we're looking at the overall impact this campaign had specifically for the new season of Psych and what we really wanted to do is wait and see. Wait for the premier to happen and then look at the L SEV numbers and see if there's any left or decline in that 18-34 demographic. Luck would have it that the 18-34 demographic increased by about 40% for the premier of Psych.

Now I don't want to say that was attributed to this type of program, but I like to say that the marketing tactics we had and deployed had a lot to do with it. We picked Psych as the first one because it has a great demographic that's a little bit younger than some of our other shows/ It has a really strong social base. The Facebook fan page is I think is up to like 1.3 million fans. For us to be able to launch a program like this, we can easily communicate with all of our fans directly on Facebook.

We know that all these fans that are a little bit younger are communicating and interacting with their iPads, with their iPhones and online a little bit more so than some of the older demographics. So it made a lot of sense to launch specifically with Psych first to see how well it went, as a proof of concept that the loyalty program and the gamification of a show property would really work. The overall program can work for a lot of shows and not work for some, but we feel like there's elements that can plug in and out of some of the shows. We're looking to extend character rewards across every one of our show's properties.

Launching with Psyche first went extremely well. Now we're actually rolling out a burn notice. It's going to be called The Burn Circle. And then in first quarter rolling out royal rewards for Royal Pains and white collar society for White Collar and then as we move closer into second quarter and third quarter, fourth quarter rolling out across all the properties. Again, everything is tied back to the character rewards theme and mantra, which really gives back to characters in general on our network.