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Using Gamification to Motivate your Sales Team

Using Gamification to Motivate your Sales Team

You might have heard of power of online motivation to drive adoption of your Salesforce SFA implementation and how it can help you create a more motivated, knowledgeable and efficient team. One of the most powerful examples of how game mechanics can change the effectiveness of sales initiatives can be seen not only in your online console, but offline at your annual sales kickoff.

Join us for a webcast to see a practical example of how companies are revitalizing the ubiquitous sales kickoff into an energized, game-changing event.

You will learn:

  • Why gamification has gained traction with B2B companies
  • How online motivation can accelerate your ROI from
  • What can make traditional motivation techniques like leader boards, rewards and performance feedback fall short and what makes them succeed
  • How companies like have used game mechanics to awaken their sales team at their annual event, tapping into their sales team’s natural competitive spirit and energy.