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Bunchball has the best execution track record and the most advanced technology to help you move from idea to action to results. Our team features leading experts in the field of interaction design and gamification.

On-Demand Webinars

See How CooperVision Used Gamification to Increase the Productivity of Their Warehouse Employees

See How Volkswagen’s Gamification Has Grown and Evolved Over the Last Three Years

See How This Global Information Technology Company Utilizes Gamification to Show Their Customers They’re Valued

See How This Global Consulting Firm Increases Collaboration in Their Nationwide Workforce

How to engage your team, reach your goals and drive more revenue

See how the Pharma-Giant Benefits from a Dose of Gamification

Learn Different Strategies on How to Reach the Tech Generation

See the New and Exciting Bunchball Go 

How Lifesize is Expanding Their Gamification Footprint

Learn How Alta Vista is Leveraging the NEW Bunchball Go

Driving Customer Service Excellence with Gamification

How Ciena Disrupted the Status Quo to Achieve Channel Partner Excellence

Data, Gamification, and Game Mechanics: Engagement Tools for the Modern Workplace

Gamification + Community: Cigna University’s Secret Sauce for an Engaging Employee Experience

How IHG used Big Data to grow meetings revenue by 18%

I can’t wait for my performance review! Said no one ever.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Volkswagen to learn about specific changes they made to Volkswagen Academy that increased training and course consumptions, and ways that learner progress is communicated to the Volkswagen community.

Join us for a conversation with Fidelity Investments FIMT to talk about the approach and techniques they applied to engage their developer community.

This webinar will describe a proven approach to the HR employee engagement dilemma; one that can motivate employees to be more proficient and efficient across HR systems, while providing workforce analytics and data to create and demonstrate tangible value across the enterprise.

Today's corporate learning programs look nothing like those of the past.

Strengthen company culture, motivate employees, and achieve your business objectives — all through gamification.

Over the past few years, more and more managers have turned to gamification to solve problems associated with low levels of employee engagement.

It’s no secret that digital engagement platforms drive participation in learning systems, leading to greater engagement and retention - and a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

When you are managing a community, driving ongoing engagement and understanding program health are critical. How do you motivate, monitor and measure the health of your community?

When employees, partners and customers collaborate using social platforms, enterprises can reap huge rewards — operational silos are broken, knowledge is shared, productivity increases and innovation is sparked. But what are the best practices for motivating social community adoption, usage and participation needed to deliver that ROI?

How do you shore up customer data, fill knowledge management gaps and simultaneously engage your service agents?

Enter the gamified contact center.

Managing a modern sales team can be more challenging than running an old school, Glengarry Glen Ross-style team of straight-commission closers. In this provocative and entertaining webinar, Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow provides detailed, prescriptive guidance to help you maximize the output of your sales team.

In this webinar, hear Keith Conley, Director, Analytics & Insight at Bunchball, discuss the 5 secrets of how they use Alteryx and Tableau to combine loyalty and engagement data with client, sales and attribute data to show the impact they are having on client ROI.

Are your channel partners really engaging customers the way they want to be engaged? Or are they out of sync and losing business opportunities as a result?

Gamification is a proven, data-driven strategy for engaging, influencing and motivating call center agents. But you can't truly appreciate the potential of gamification until you understand exactly what it is and why it's so powerful.

Could your employees be more effective learners? What's holding them back – are they too busy, too distracted or simply uninspired? Kim Wyrick, Training and Retention Consultant for the On Your Side Centers – Nationwide, knows how challenging it can be to motivate employees to engage with training/learning programs. In fact, that's precisely why she started researching gamification a few years ago.

It's no secret that many organizations suffer from disengaged employees, don't let your organization be one of them. Hear what Gamification experts from Bunchball and NICE have to say on how to stop disengagement dead in its tracks.

What do you want to know about gamification? At Bunchball, we regularly field questions from people who want to learn how gamification can help with their specific business objectives. We also hear from others are curious about what technology (if any) is required, how long it takes to launch a gamification initiative, or why some platforms performs better than others.

But what's on your mind? Whether you’re new to gamification, or a seasoned veteran, we want to hear from you.

Please join Rajat Paharia, Bunchball's Founder & Chief Product Officer, for our webinar, Your Top Gamification Questions ANSWERED.

Done right, gamification is a powerful business tool that can motivate better performance and drive ROI across all levels and departments. But too many companies rush into gamification projects without thinking through engagement strategies and ROI. In fact, Gartner predicted that by 2014, up to 80% of gamified applications would fail to meet business objectives—primarily because of poor design.

How can you avoid those kinds of mistakes? What steps can you take to ensure that your gamification project thrives?

Find out by joining Rajat Paharia, Bunchball's Founder & Chief Product Officer. In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Which business objectives can—and cannot—be aided by gamification
  • How much new technology (if any) you’ll need for an effective gamification solution
  • Ways to align the resources required for lasting success

Gamification is a proven, data-driven strategy for engaging, influencing and motivating people. But you can't truly appreciate the potential of gamification until you understand exactly what it is and why it's so powerful.

Do you have questions about the fundamentals of gamification? Are you wondering if a gamification platform could improve business performance where you work?

During this webinar, Molly Kittle, VP of Digital Strategy at Bunchball, will discuss a variety of gamification basics, including:

  • The history of gamification and how the definition has changed over time
  • The psychological underpinnings of motivation and the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • The role big data plays in a gamification platform
  • Interactive design and why it's critical for an effective gamification strategy
  • Use cases that prove gamification can fuel new business insights and improved performance

Take the first step toward a better understanding of what motivates your employees, customers and partners, and watch Gamification Basics: An Introduction to Motivating People through Data.

Everyone knows that B2B buying behaviors have changed — and yet, many sales managers are still relying on the dated tools and legacy programs to train and engage their sales team. Do you know what today's executive buyers really think about the salespeople they meet with — and, better yet, do you know how to improve those perceptions? Are your salespeople really engaging decision makers the way they want to be engaged, or are they out of sync and losing large revenue opportunities as a result? New selling behaviors are an imperative for revenue growth today, and yet they are incredibly hard to affect and measure in sales teams.

Join us for this webinar, featuring Forrester Research, to learn what executive decision makers want from your salespeople and what companies like yours can do to reform the selling behaviors of their enterprise salespeople to improve buyer engagement.

You will learn:

  • How B2B enterprise buying and selling has subtly but profoundly changed
  • How executive buyers perceive salespeople they meet
  • What behaviors executive decisions makers really want from your salespeople
  • What needs to change across your business to support better buyer engagement
  • How gamification can motivate engagement and improve results in your sales force

The IT service desk's impact on an enterprise is pervasive. Every function relies on its service and is impacted by its ingenuity, or lack thereof. As such, an IT service desk is in an ideal position to identify and act on potential improvement opportunities that drive value across the entire business.

But today's teams are plagued with high levels of attrition and disengagement, which can drain company resources and damage customer experiences. To stem the flow, you need to reform your IT desk and empower your organization with the tools to change the status quo.

Join Bunchball, Ovum and BMC Software and explore the challenges of today's IT desk and new ways to create a productive and efficient, modern IT environment. In this webinar you will:

  • Hear from Ovum on the state of the IT desk today, future growth opportunities, and latest technologies that support them
  • Find out what Gamification is, what it isn't, and how it fits into your business
  • Understand the important things to consider when deploying a gamification solution
  • Learn why and how BMC chose to integrate gamification into Remedyforce, their modern ITSM solution, and the value it brings to customers.

The best ideas in the world can still fail miserably without proper planning. Ensure your efforts are a success by hearing from Molly Kittle and Keith Conley about the key fundamental concepts and best practices to keep in mind for your new or existing programs.

Molly and Keith will show you step-by-step how to uncover, define, refine and apply the right metrics at the right time for your business.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to tear down silos and build the internal partnerships necessary for success
  • The 10 critical metrics you need to capture—and how to do it
  • Easy ways to make those metrics actionable
  • The three tell-tale signs that it's time to refine

All communities are made up of those who have, and those who have not. What would Wall Street have looked like if everyone could "make it" -- if they all cracked the code to riches?

Wealth within a successful community is most often measured by engagement, reputation and longevity. What if everyone was as invested, respected and loyal as your top 1%?

In this webinar:

  • Gain a unique behind-the-scenes view of what contributes to a vibrant, active community
  • Look across a broad swath of communities to study the usage patterns of the top, most valuable members
  • Hear our findings about the behaviors that matter most – and those that may not matter at all

As our lives move online and nearly everything we do is being mediated by technology, all of our activity is generating reams of data we are all walking data generators. Loyalty 3.0 reveals how to combine this big data with the latest understanding of human motivation to power gamification. Join Jive and Rajat Paharia, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Bunchball and author of Loyalty 3.0 as they dig into this month's Jive Book Club book. During the webinar, Rajat will cover several key points from his book, including:

  • Why and how gamification came from the world of video games
  • What it means to "Have to" vs. "Want to"
  • How to use the customer and employee data you already have to your advantage

Today's employees are constantly juggling competing priorities—both at home and at work. They're busier than ever, and that means taking advantage of their workplace retirement plan can easily fall to the bottom of the list. This is particularly true for Millennials, who find it difficult to prioritize retirement when it's still decades away.

How can employers address this challenge? What's the best way to build their employees' financial literacy and improve participation in savings and retirement plans at work?

Sun Life Financial has the answers. During this webinar, you'll hear how Sun Life Financial has used a gamified online education program called money UP to help employees of companies with Sun Life workplace retirement savings plans better understand financial planning concepts and the benefits of saving at work. Nadia Darwish, vice president of market development for Sun Life Financial's Group Retirement Services, and Rajat Paharia, founder and chief product officer of Bunchball, will discuss:

  • the challenge of engaging employees in workplace retirement plans
  • how money UP was designed to motivate employees to take action and save for retirement
  • why intrinsic motivators, such as social interaction, progress and autonomy, are especially important for engaging Millennials
  • real-world business results from the money UP platform
  • tips on launching a gamification program in your organization

Research from the leading performance management companies finds that fostering a culture of engaged employees can help an organization drive growth and efficiency while also lowering turnover. Unfortunately, according to Gallup, only 30% of employees in the United States are engaged, costing the economy between $450-$550 billion dollars annually in lost productivity.

Gamification engines and enterprise video platforms are two proven solutions for boosting employee engagement, and have been successfully deployed at companies including Box, Ericsson, Ford and Oracle. By enabling more compelling training and certification programs, powering easier knowledge sharing and transforming collaboration, gamification and video have become two important tools for those companies seeking a competitive advantage.

Bunchball joined MediaPlatform, an enterprise video communications platform, to discuss the challenges companies face today when it comes to employee engagement, and innovative strategies to solve them.

In this webinar you'll learn about gamification:

  • What it is and what it isn't
  • How gamification can help you understand what motivates your employees
  • Real examples of how gamification has been used increase employee engagement and performance

and about enterprise video platforms:

  • Tips for selecting an enterprise video platform to maximize employee engagement
  • Enabling employee generated video to power collaboration
  • Examples of how customers are using gamification and video to increase employee engagement

We live in a crowded, 24/7, global marketplace, where consumers are barraged with information, advertising, offers and media noise like never before. How can your company compete? What does it take to engage customers, retain their interest and drive true loyalty in this age of distraction?

Let us help you chart your course.

During Rising Above The Noise—Driving Brand Loyalty among Today's Distracted Consumers, you'll hear from Emmy nominee Jesse Redniss, who has been setting trends for multi-screen, digital brand building, creative development and marketing for the past 14 years. Most recently, Redniss spearheaded USA Networks' extremely successful Club Psych, a new generation loyalty program appealing to young, online audiences. He will discuss:

  • Why traditional, one-size-fits-all loyalty programs no longer work
  • How to better understand what truly motivates your customers to buy, watch or subscribe
  • Real-world examples of brands driving new levels of engagement with immersive social marketing

The workplace has changed a lot over the past few years. It wasn't long ago that most things got done in face-to-face meetings or via memos sent around the office. But today, sales, training, service, collaboration and almost every aspect of business is being conducted in systems that produce mountains of data.

Join Rajat Paharia for an encore presentation of his standing-room-only session at GSummit 2014 on how smart companies are taking these mountains of data and utilizing it to achieve real business results.

You'll learn all about:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your organization
  • Generate profiles of top-performing employees
  • Forecast performance
  • Motivate behavior change

High employee turnover is plaguing the restaurant industry, which can cost companies like Applebee's a significant amount of time and money for training and onboarding. To solve this problem, RMH Franchise Corporation, who owns and operates more than 130 Applebee's nation-wide, turned to gamification and Bunchball.

Powered by Nitro, RMH's "Bee Block" website transformed employee loyalty and engagement, starting from the moment they're hired. Each employee has a profile that includes trophies of their accomplishments, and can view where they stand compared to their peers on leaderboards.

Join Robin Jenkins, Regional Marketing Manager, RMH Franchise Corporation, as she discusses the results they've seen so far, including:

  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Boosting sales
  • And more!

It's an old story: Call centers suffer from chronically high turnover. Disengagement among agents is common, and replacing them can cost 1.5 times their annual salary.

In this live encore of Rajat Paharia's, standing-room-only, Call Center Week presentation, you'll learn how the proven motivational techniques of gamification have helped call center operators reverse the costly slide toward disengagement. Using real-world examples and a trove of new independent research, Rajat will detail the five ways gamification creates more engaged, focused, satisfied and performance-driven agents. He'll also provide you with proven best practices and concrete ideas for engaging your own workforce.

You'll learn how to:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Create a customer-centric workforce

In order to successfully deliver real-time customer value, businesses must become more agile, responsive and collaborative. This means that you must provide the tools and technologies that enable your employees to quickly and effectively create, share and communicate with their colleagues, customers and partners. Implementing an online community is a great start—communities provide the venue where individuals can meet and interact. But in order to scale and optimize these community interactions, you will need to drive specific behaviors through gamification.

In this webinar, Kim Celestre will discuss how gamification can help advance your social business strategy, including:

  • What is gamification and why it is essential in today's real-time environment
  • Five ways to advance your internal and external social strategy using gamification
  • Examples of how brands use gamification to drive and optimize desired actions

Solid, long-term customer relationships are among your company's most valuable assets—they're what fuel sales and revenue growth—and today, it's not unusual for multiple departments, including marketing, sales, service, technical support and others, to contribute to the development of successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

But do your sales agents, service teams and others have the training and motivation required to optimize your CRM system? Are you maximizing the ROI on your CRM investment? What more can you do?

If your sales effectiveness needs a boost, make room on your calendar for Engage, Motivate, Sell: How Gamification Can Increase CRM Adoption And Effectiveness, our upcoming webinar hosted by Rajat Paharia, Founder and CPO of Bunchball.

Rajat will discuss how a gamified CRM environment can:

  • Accelerate CRM adoption and usage to ensure more accurate data for better forecasting and management insight.
  • Drive sales performance by improving key business metrics, such as quota achievement, overall revenue goals, pipeline growth, call volumes and lead qualification.
  • Automate the management of contests and spiffs to reduce overhead costs.
  • Encourage collaboration and competition to increase productivity.
  • Improve self-driven learning and knowledge sharing.

The customer experience is now a key differentiator for both B2B and B2C businesses. Quality experiences can both attract and retain customers, creating brand advocates who remain loyal long after the initial sale. What's more, in a recent study, 60 percent of global consumers said they would pay extra for a product if the brand delivered a positive customer experience.

But, how can you create a more customer-centric environment at your company?

And once you've established it, how can you sustain a customer focus over time?

In this webinar, Samuel Stern, a Senior Analyst in Forrester Research's customer experience research practice, will explore the new relationship emerging between gamification, employee engagement and the customer experience. For example, gamification can amplify e-learning and training programs to develop an employee base that is more productive, more effective and more engaged. In turn, these employees create better experiences for customers.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why employee engagement is crucial to delivering great customer experiences
  • How gamification can improve employee engagement, customer outcomes and business performance
  • What actions can sustain employee engagement and customer focus over time

Call centers typically suffer from high turnover, low morale and poor operational efficiencies – all of which make them prime targets for gamification. When Allied International Credit Corp. (AIC) gamified its call center in 2013, the company was hoping to improve employee performance by addressing the challenges of education, motivation and retention. A year later, AIC has done all that . . . and more.

During this webinar, Joel MacCharles, Vice President of Innovation at AIC, will pull back the curtain and give us an insider's perspective on how the company achieved its goals.

Additionally, he'll discuss 10 surprising insights gleaned over the past year as AIC turned conventional thinking about business and motivation on its head to create a successful behavior-based gamification experience for its call center. For example, Joel will explain:

  1. A stroke is a stroke; scoring is simple.
  2. Life isn't fair. Our game isn't either.
  3. Not all Points are equal.
  4. The winner doesn't always win.
  5. Creating losers.
  6. Avoid Big Brother.
  7. Don't sell or force people to play.
  8. Design with your ears.
  9. Cheating is part of the rules.
  10. Members of Fight Club knew what to expect.

If you're struggling with questions like:

  • How can we keep our support team motivated?
  • What kind of spiffs and contests would incent our team?
  • How can we better train our team and keep their knowledge fresh?
  • What can we do to curb turnover and better manage burnout?

This one-hour webinar will be well worth your time. Register today!

The top companies in the world understand the potential of game mechanics to drive measurable business value and user behavior, but are still learning how to properly implement them.

Why are so many companies looking to gamification and digital motivation systems?

Please join a panel discussion featuring SolarWinds and Hitachi Data Systems to gain valuable insight into their successful implementation of gamification within their online communities. The panel will be hosted by 7Summits, Bunchball, and Jive Software.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • Core elements needed to achieve the desired business and program objectives
  • How to plan missions, rewards and recognition to guide user behavior
  • Design principles to consider during implementation
  • Real world examples and results from Solar Winds and Hitachi Data System
  • How to factor gamification into your activation and adoption plans

When applied to social collaboration, gamification results in increased usage and adoption by employees, customers and partners. Companies reap great benefits – among them, the ability to deepen customer relationships, drive operational efficiencies and optimize their workforce.

Join us to discover the 7 habits of companies that successfully gamified their social collaboration platforms and the intrinsic value in transforming into a social enterprise. Learn how to:

  • Get employees excited about learning and using the social collaboration platform.
  • Motivate employees to better leverage the platform to improve productivity.
  • Replace communication with inspired collaboration for valuable, interactive participation.

Gamification is a new method for driving engagement and loyalty with social communities—and yes, there is real business value that can be measured.

This three-part webcast series will feature experts in the field of gamification & social business that will help you take your organization to the next level.

In gamification webcast 101, you'll discover:

  • Why gamification is the key to engaging employees and customers and driving business results.
  • How to turn customer and employee attitudes from “I have to” into “I want to".
  • What metrics you should track to demonstrate real business value.
  • Real-world examples of companies that are using gamification to increase customer and employee engagement.

Watch the recorded session that was "sold out" at Dreamforce, featuring Rajat Paharia – Founder and CPO of Bunchball. You’ll come away with a deep understanding of the core precepts of today’s new motivation techniques, and how big data, and gamification fit in. Find out:

  • Why typical incentive programs often fail, and what you can do about it
  • How to capture your employees’ attention and sustain their engagement for the long-term
  • Case studies and lessons learned from today’s most innovative companies that are already driving real business value from gamification by applying it to employee motivation, collaboration, learning and skill development.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to plan, design, build, and optimize your program

Companies everywhere are unlocking the true potential of their sales teams with gamification. Molly Kittle, who has designed successful sales gamification implementations for some of the world’s most recognized brands, explains how three very different sales organizations their performance by deploying gamification to create a kind of “cold fusion” that ignites the five intrinsic motivators present in every employee. As Molly will demonstrate, a well-designed gamification environment leads to impressive results, including a more knowledgeable and skilled sales team, and increased revenues and profits. Walk away from this session with proven best practices and concrete ideas for putting this approach to work for you.

How can we make employee training more engaging, as opposed to being seen as dull and burdensome? To transform it to something memorable which will leave a lasting impact?

While loyalty programs have become a standard part of the modern consumer experience, the current models -- which have been in place for decades -- are starting to show distinct signs of fatigue.  In particular, traditional loyalty programs are seeing major challenges in driving engagement because they are primarily focused on complicated earn/burn models that do little to engage consumers emotionally.

Gamification and Big Data can Transform Your Organization – Find Out More!

To remain relevant today, companies must continuously innovate to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The catalyst needed is agent engagement.

In this webcast, you will learn the 3 ways to solve your biggest contact center challenges:

  1. Empower your agents with the right knowledge
  2. Empower your agents with the right technology & processes
  3. Empower your agents with the right level of motivation

Employee engagement is at a crossroads. Businesses are struggling with billions in lost employee productivity and trillions in costs for underused enterprise technology.

Engaging Loyal Customers to Market Your Brand for You

Organizations around the world are looking for new and better ways to engage with their customers, and it's easy to see why. Engaged customers are three times more likely to recommend or advocate a product or service to a friend, and improved engagement creates business value and strategic differentiation.

While loyalty programs have become a standard part of the modern consumer experience, the current models which have been in place for decades are starting to show distinct signs of fatigue.

Bunchball and Accenture Discuss the Growing Importance of Self Direction, Employee Reputation and Dynamic Teaming

Companies of all sizes are investigating how they can better leverage the untapped talent that already exists within their organizations. Many are exploring gamification as a means to create a flexible and dynamic workforce.

You might have heard of power of online motivation to drive adoption of your Salesforce SFA implementation and how it can help you create a more motivated, knowledgeable and efficient team.

Through gamification, businesses are turning interested parties into vocal fans and die-hard, loyal advocates and customers.