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Gamification Solutions

Engagement & Performance Services

The Bunchball Engagement and Performance Solution is integrated into your mission critical systems, built on the battle-tested Nitro Platform and rooted in our proven approach. This solution will motivate your customers, partners and employees using three essential elements for continuous improvement in areas critical to your business.



Rooted in proven principles from Behavioral Psychology, our approach taps into 5 Key Intrinsic motivators.


Are you looking in the rearview mirror at last month’s data, or are you using today’s data to pro-actively drive engagement now?


Science and data driven achievement and recognition to let your people know they’re on the right track.

Consulting & Professional Services

Our consulting and professional services experts are skilled in mapping your business goals to your audience’s needs, and will fine tune your strategy so you get the most from the Nitro Platform. We’ll guide you to plan and execute programs to solve some of your biggest business challenges.

Bunchball has a direct, proven impact in four key categories:

  • Adoption
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Retention

Improving these and other critical business metrics across diverse verticals, problems and populations.


Strategic Services

Bunchball Strategic Services provides consultation and analysis for buyers who want to improve employee engagement in order to increase Goal/KPI. Our strategists and analysts will work with you to:

  • Plan the right program to achieve your goals
  • Identify the appropriate user experience
  • Analyze your program's data to reveal insights
  • Optimize your program performance and results

For the past decade Bunchball Strategic Services has provided customers with data-driven guidance, based on a deep understanding of the science behind employee behavior. Using our proven approach, we find the most effective ways to motivate employees, introduce feedback to improve the workplace and measure the impact on KPIs. We help our customers move employee engagement from aspiration to reality - as a crucial component of their human capital improvement strategy.