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Activate Your Community


Activate Your Community

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Activate Your Online Community with Gamification


Challenge: Turn Online Community Members into Brand Advocates

The explosion of social media activity and online interactions has created a cloud of noise about you—from rave reviews to product critiques to troubleshooting and warnings. How do you harness the power an online community to advance your cause?

  • People need a compelling reason to join and participate in a community.
  • Enrollment does not necessarily generate activity with value to your business.
  • Community content has to stay fresh and participants engaged to remain relevant.
  • User communities often suffer from no activity or too much of the wrong thing.
  • Customers need incentives to share positive experiences on their networks.

Solution: Inspire a Thriving Online Community

Bunchball gamification solutions add game mechanics to online communities and use big data, collected from a wide range of online activities, to motivate action and inspire meaningful contributions and collaboration. With Bunchball Nitro, Nitro for Jive and Nitro for SAP Jam you can:

  • Show online community members their progress and influence in a personalized achievement center
  • Encourage online community members to share their knowledge to earn points, unlock levels, and dominate leaderboards
  • Reward creativity and behaviors that have the most impact on your social community goals
  • Incent high-performing community members with recognition or physical and virtual rewards
  • Gain insight into what motivates your members with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Recognize and reward advocates who tell and share your story

Move the Needle: KPIs

Bunchball Nitro leverages the latest research on human motivation and the big data generated by your customers as they interact with you, to empower your business to motivate, engage, and create true loyalty.

  • Increase quantity and quality of user-generated content
  • Crowd source product enhancements, alpha/beta testing, and add-ons
  • Enhance social platform usage and stickiness
  • Amplify your brand voice through others
  • Reduce moderation time and cost
  • Reduce support requests
  • Boost activity overall and per user

Bunchball Nitro, Nitro for Jive, and Nitro for SAP Jam

Bunchball combines the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise and the best execution track record to deliver real, measurable results.

  • Nitro, our proven, cloud-based gamification engine, integrates easily with enterprise apps, social networks, and portals, such as IBM, to increase your ROI.
  • Nitro for Jive, the Advanced Gamification Module available from Jive Software is powered by Bunchball.
  • Nitro for SAP Jam works within SAP Jam to build a vibrant community.