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Challenge: Turn Casual Visitors into Loyal Customers

Learn how Bunchball gamification in loyalty programs turns casual visitors into loyal customers & increases sales faster than traditional rewards programs. Bunchball's customer loyalty solutions sustain engagement and empower your business to create true loyalty.

  • More screens, brands, and experiences compete for your customer’s attention than ever.
  • Enrollment in a loyalty program doesn’t mean engagement, the true measure of loyalty.
  • As big data explodes, your competitors have seized it to target and motivate your customers to their brand.
  • Customers look to their social networks for recommendations and referrals.
  • Free trials that don’t engage fail to translate into product sales and loyal customers.

Customer Loyalty Solution: Sustained Engagement Increases Sales

Bunchball gamification solutions add game mechanics to digital experiences and use big data to motivate visitors with achievements, recognitions and rewards that matter to them. With Bunchball Nitro you can:

  • Make it easy to earn points, badges, and level up by watching content, playing games, learning a skill, and more
  • Encourage deeper customer engagement with progressive missions, leveling, and goals
  • Create groups and competitions to unlock social status and rewards
  • Recognize achievements with notifications and visibility in leaderboards and newsfeeds
  • Gain insight into what motivates your audience with robust analytics and expert reports
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for better activity tracking and more rewards

Move the Needle: KPIs

Bunchball Nitro leverages the latest research on human motivation and the big data generated by your customers as they interact with you, to empower your business to motivate, engage, and create true loyalty.

  • Increase page views, return visits and time on your site
  • Grow revenues with more ad impressions, subscriptions and merchandise sales
  • Increase renewals and transactions by return customers
  • Expand social media mentions, shares, and likes
  • Convert more free trials to paid customers
  • Collect better data for management decision making

Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball combines the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise and the best execution track record to deliver real, measurable results. Our proven, cloud-based gamification engine, integrates easily with websites, enterprise apps and portals to increase your ROI. Learn more about Bunchball Nitro.