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Safety Training, Certification, and Regulatory Compliance


Safety Training, Certification, and Regulatory Compliance

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Gamification for Safety Training, Certification, and Regulatory Compliance

Challenge: Creating a safe and informed workplace utilizing a variety of interactive online safety training and certification programs

Safety training is at the cornerstone of an informed and effective workplace environment, which can have both tangible and intangible effects on employee safety and morale. Without engaging, interactive safety training and certification, employees:

  • Lack enthusiasm to interact with the learning material, creating a loss of motivation to understand important safety procedures
  • Do not complete safety training in an effective and comprehensive manner
  • Fail to comply with safe business regulations, such as OSHA and CPR training
  • Are at risk of serious injury to themselves or others

Solution: Digital safety training and certifications that motivates employees at all levels of your organization

Our engagement and performance solution, powered by gamification, integrates with your existing certifications and compliance program, preventing OSHA violations and workers compensation claims. Companies that integrate gamification into their safety training process have shown great improvement in both employee learning and material retention, which is vital for company-wide safety compliance. With Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform, you can:

  • Encourage employees to participate actively in safety training exercises
  • Increase and maintain interest in material by integrating goals and point systems to everyday tasks
  • Drive competition within departments and various levels of the company, while also motivating employees to achieve personal goals
  • Inspire employees to integrate safety training and compliance into their daily work with newsfeeds and notifications at their fingertips

Gamification used in safety training and compliance will show impacts all areas of your enterprise:

  • Employees participate in challenges that invoke competition and social recognition, while improving their ability to practice and retain information
  • Managers review activity and completion data on safety training modules to ensure their teams are vigilant about their certifications and continuous education
  • Executives rest easy knowing their employees are safe and their business is compliant with laws and regulations.

The Engagement and Performance Solution for a Gamified Learning Experience

Bunchball combines the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise and the best execution track record to deliver real, measurable results. Our proven, cloud-based gamification platform integrates easily with enterprise apps and portals to increase your ROI. Learn more about Bunchball’s Nitro Platform.